Megatech Systems PFA Polymer Assemblies
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Megatech Systems PFA Polymer Assemblies

Introducing Megatech Systems, our latest product development focused on fully customized polymer assemblies. These will assist high technology semiconductor fabricators to deliver critical high purity chemistries with confidence. Enabling equipment manufacturers to provide high-purity processes using dedicated fluid systems with Megatech’s customised assemblies.


The Megatech solution provides a means to maintain chemical purity and cleanliness in the most challenging applications.


Our sales and engineering team have extensive experience in supporting the semiconductor market having worked with some of the industry’s leading companies.

We are focused on engaging with our customers to understand the challenges they face.


Due to our market and application knowledge, we are able to identify key materials and the components required to produce the optimal tailored solution.




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Industry Solutions - Megatech Systems

Industry Solutions

Semiconductor facilities / Sub-fab

o Valve Manifold boxes

o High-pressure delivery lines

o Junction boxes

o Sample box

o Filter monitoring stations

o Flow consumption stations


Equipment manufacturers

o High volume drain assemblies

o Sample manifolds

o Injection / dosing manifolds

SolidWorks - State of the art 3D CAD package

SolidWorks - State of the art 3D CAD package

Our customized assemblies will be created using the very latest in 3D CAD software to allow customers to visualize the solution as well as generating a fully documented and traceable product.

Using best in class components from a variety of recognized industry manufacturers, we can provide extremely reliable, high performing, chemically resistant systems.

ISO Class 7 Cleanroom

ISO Class 7 Cleanroom

Designs will be manufactured in Megatech’s ISO Class 7 cleanroom which will maintain product cleanliness throughout the manufacturing process. Assemblies delivered to customers will be ready to use without any pre-flush or passivation conditioning.

Megatech will provide comprehensive aftersales support for any repair or service activity required such as valve repair or diaphragm replacement.

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