Pressure & Vacuum Measurement

Vacuum and pressure controller technology is often used within the semiconductor and Thin film industry including gas cabinet suppliers and vacuum controller system manufacturers , thin-film deposition systems and high-tech specialty furnaces. Gauges are designed to precisely measure and control varying pressures ranges. Accurate measurement can help to resolve challenges like:

  • Ultra-high purity pressure and vacuum transducers for the most stringent gas measuring challenges
  • Stainless steel pressure control gauges, switches and transmitters for local measurement that is accurate and cost-effective
  • Industry-leading, high-accuracy capacitance manometers for controlling the most critical vacuum processes

Upgrade for thermocouple TC vacuum gauges

The CVG101 Worker Bee provides a wider measuring range than traditional thermocouple vacuum gauges - from 1 x 10-4 Torr to above atmosphere - so you can monitor your entire pump- down and vent cycle. The CVG101 Worker Bee convection enhanced Pirani gauge is more accurate than a thermocouple gauge, especially at lower pressures.‚Äč

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