Demo Equipment Terms & Conditions

Due diligence
By borrowing one of our devices, you agree to handle it with care. You are responsible for loss, damage or destruction of the equipment, including but not limited to losses while in transit, while loading and unloading, while at any and all locations, while in storage and while on your premises, except that you are not responsible for damage to or loss of the equipment caused by our sole negligence or wilful misconduct.​

Purchase order
A zero-value purchase order is required prior to the demo equipment being released. This is to allow both parties have a record on file of the equipment.

Delivery and shipment
The delivery and the shipment for demo equipment are free of charge. To return the equipment the postage is to be paid by the customer.​

Prohibition to lend to third parties
It is prohibited for anyone to lend our borrowed products to third parties.​

Loan period duration
A maximum loan period of 4 weeks applies for all demo equipment. If the equipment is in your possession over this period without prior agreement rental charges may apply.

Protection of Others
You will take reasonable precautions regarding the use of the equipment to protect all people and property from injury or damage. The equipment shall be used only by your employees or agents deemed qualified to use the equipment.​

You hereby agree that we shall be subrogated to any recovery rights you may have for damage to the equipment.​

Condition of Equipment
You assume all obligation and liability with respect to the possession of equipment, and for its use, condition and storage during the term of this agreement except as otherwise set forth herein. You will, at your own expense, maintain the equipment in good mechanical condition and running order. All installations, replacements, and substitutions of parts or accessories with respect to any of the equipment will become part of the equipment and will be owned by us.​

Accident Reports
If any of the Equipment is damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed, or if any person is injured, or if any property is damaged as a result of its use, maintenance, or possession, you will promptly notify us of the occurrence, and will file all necessary accident reports, including those required by law and those required applicable insurers. You, your employees, and agents will cooperate fully with us and all insurers providing insurance under this agreement in the investigation and defence of any claims. You will promptly deliver to us any documents served or delivered to you, your employees, or your agents in connection with any claim or proceeding at law or in equity begun or threatened against you, us, or both of us.​

Upon the expiration of this agreement you will return the property to us, together with all accessories, free from all damage and in the same condition and appearance as when received by you.​

Please note, the Demo Equipment Terms & Conditions are in addition to Megatech Limited standard Terms & Conditions.

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