Onda Corporation is a global leader in ultrasound measurement instrumentation and services. Their cleaning tank measurement products are based on decades of experience in engineering solutions to characterize the most complex and advanced ultrasound applications.

Although ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning is widely used, the acoustic characteristics are not well understood historically in the absence of a reliable measurement instrument. In 2010 Onda introduced the first commercially available cavitation measurement instrument to address this un-served need in the cleaning market. With a calibrated HCT-0320 hydrophone and MCT-2000 cavitation meter, users are able to quantify the cavitation behaviour in ultrasonic cleaning systems in units of physical pressure traceable to a National Laboratory. These measurement instruments are used to establish process windows for complex cleaning processes, qualify new ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning tanks, and continuously monitor critical cleaning processes.

For more information about Onda, please visit: http://www.ondasonics.com/

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