• IGM401 Hot Cathode Bayard-Alpert Miniature-Ionization Vacuum Gauge
  • IGM401 - Dimensions

IGM401 Hot Cathode Bayard-Alpert Miniature-Ionization Vacuum Gauge

The IGM401 Hornet ionization gauge sensor assembly is a compact, all metal design with either dual yttria coated iridium or tungsten filaments available. For general vacuum applications, dual yttria coated filaments are offered for use with air and inert gases such as N2, argon, etc. Dual tungsten filaments are available for use with gases that may not be compatible with yttria coated filaments. The gauge sensor assembly can be easily replaced in the field.


  • Wide measurement range of 1.00E-09 to 5.00E-02 Torr
  • Built-in controller with bright OLED digital display
  • User programmable display units in Torr, mbar or Pa
  • Auto-Ranging of emission current provides optimal and stabile pressure readings over the entire measurement range from low to high vacuum
  • 1 analog output and 1 setpoint relay
  • RS485 serial communications
  • Also a lower cost, plug-compatible direct drop-in replacement for the Granville-Phillips® 354 Micro-Ion®
  • CE and RoHS compliant

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