• B-RAX 3200 Three Channel Gauge Controller
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B-RAX 3200 Three Channel Gauge Controller

The B-RAX 3200 is a highly versatile vacuum gauge controller capable of operating one hot or cold cathode ionization gauge (IG) and up to two CVG101 convection vacuum gauge sensors (CG), or one IG, one CG and one alternate gauge such as a capacitance diaphragm gauge (CDG). The ionization gauge on/off, degas functions and emission current selection can be controlled via front panel soft- keys, remote input signals (Digital I/O), or serial communications. IG sensor can also be automatically turned on/off using the measurements from one of the user selectable convection or alternate gauges. When using hot cathode IGs, the B-RAX can be set to automatically switch (auto-ranging) between various emission currents. This results in optimal and stabile pressure readings over the entire measurement range from low to high vacuum.

High efficiency power supply design and effective thermal management techniques are used to enable operation of the B-RAX without the need for air movement devices such as troublesome fans. The state of all setpoint relays, emission current, filament in use and error messages for all fault conditions are displayed on the easy to read OLED set-up screen. Filament operation including filament current, filament voltage, emission current and ion current can be displayed in real time to allow monitoring of filament condition.



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  • 3 Channel Controller for one ionization and two convection gauges or one ionization, one convection and one alternate capacitance diaphragm gauge
  • Various pressure measurement ranges from 2 x 10-11 to 1,000 Torr
  • 3 analog outputs, 6 setpoint relays, RS232/RS485 serial communications, remote Digital I/O
  • Compact space saving half rack design, bench top or panel/rack mount instrument


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