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  • ESD Tubing
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ESD Tubing

FluoroLine® Plus ESD Tubing

  • Conductive tubing provides an uninterrupted dissipation path to ground for any charge buildup from the media and the fluid handling system through the PrimeLock® electrostatic dissipative (ESD) fitting
  • Extruded stipes on inside of ESD tubing provide a grounding path for electrostatic charge buildup in the tubing
  • Conductive PFA and virgin-grade PFA materials provide broad chemical compatibility and high purity
  • High-purity tubing comes in various standard sizes from 1/4" to 1" to meet your application needs



FluoroLine® Plus ESD Tubing Applications

  • Flammable chemistries such as solvents and other nonconductive semiconductor chemistries
  • High-purity, corrosive chemical handling
  • Excellent performance with low surface tension chemistries
  • Solar, LED, flat panel display
  • Semiconductor applications
    1. Photolithography
    2. Bulk chemical delivery
    3. CMP
    4. Wet etch and clean
    5. High-temperature cleaning processes




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FluoroLine PFA tubing pressure ratings were established using ASTM D2837. This test exposes the tubing to long-term, constant pressures at various temperature settings. Our test took 22 months to complete. From the analysis, a hydrostatic design basis (HDB) value is multiplied by a safety design factor to obtain a hydrostatic design stress. The HDB value is used to determine the tubing operating parameters. FluoroLine PFA tubing completed this extensive testing.

All FluoroLine tubing products are fully characterized and all performance ratings are derived from quantifiable data. Our design and process expertise allow you to confidently design your fluid systems reliably and safely.


(Reference the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th charts)
This data is for water (fluid with s.g. = 1.0).
For pressure loss vs. flow capability outside of these calculations, please contact Entegris.

Technical Specifications

Materials of construction:Combination of conductive PFA and 100% virgin PFA 451 HP resin
Surface resistivity:1 x 105-6 Ohm/sq
Sizes available:1/4" to 1"

FluoroLine ESD Tube is approved by TUV

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