Spectral Reflectometer SP2100 Series

Verity’s SP2100 Spectral Reflectometer is designed for a wide variety of film thickness and depth measurement applications, including those required in etch, CVD and CMP processes. Verity’s Spectral Reflectometers are successfully controlling hundreds of semiconductor process tools worldwide.

The key components of the SP2100 are the SD1024G spectrometer, FL2100 Xenon flashlamp, and SpectraView™ applications software. The heart of the SP2100 is the SD1024G Spectrometer, which uses a scientific grade CCD detector for excellent dynamic range, UV detection capability, and low noise. The SD1024G also has capability for multi-fibre input operation and controls the flashlamp.

The FL2100 flashlamp is a bright, broadband source. The FL2100’s output has a strong UV content, thus enabling the measurement of relatively thin film layers that would not otherwise be possible using a reflectometer. Since a flashlamp is used, the motion of moving wafers does not result in the blurring of data, which enables more accurate measurement.

The SpectraView™ PC host application provides robust film thickness determination through a variety of “open” algorithms. SpectraView™ enables integration with tool-to-application-PC communication based on RS232, Ethernet or DI/O.

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