OndaSonics MCT-2000

The advanced MCT-2000 acoustic cavitation meter addresses the critical need to quantify the cavitation performance used in ultrasonic cleaning and sonoprocessing applications. Coupled with a calibrated HCT-0320 hydrophone, four key parameters are determined instantaneously :

  • Fundamental Frequency, FO
  • Direct Field Pressure, PO
  • Stable Cavitation Pressure, PS
  • Transient Cavitation Pressure, PT


This is done by analyzing the calibrated acoustic spectrum which captures different pressure components. Mechanical sound waves induced by transducers oscillating at the fundamental frequency generate the direct field pressure. Rapid changes in pressure within the liquid create cavities or “cavitation”. Stable cavitation represents a cavity oscillating in size and shape, resulting in micro-streaming effects. Transient cavitation occurs beyond a pressure threshold, where the cavities collapse creating jetting effects and shockwaves.



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  • Characterize ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning tanks, sonoprocessing systems, and other devices that rely on acoustic cavitation.
  • Determine the primary cleaning mechanism by comparing the level of direct field pressure, stable cavitation pressure, and transient cavitation pressure.
  • Develop and continuously monitor the process window to maximize particle removal and limit damage
  • Routinely spot check the acoustic field of cleaning tank for process control monitoring​


Specifications (MCT-2000)

Power requirments240, 60Hz
Fundamental frequencyFO (MHz)
Driving field pressurePO (kPa)
Stable cavitationPS (kPa)
Transient cavitationPT (kPa)
Time averaging interval1 - 60 seconds
Dimensions W x H x D (mm)232 x 113 x 215


Specifications (HCT0-0320 probe)

Useful frequency range20 - 1200 kHz
Maximum operating temperature70 oC
Chemical compatibilitypH range 4 to 12 (Teflon)
CableLEMO connector with embedded hydrophone calibration file, 1.5 meter length
Dimensions (mm)Shaft length: 270
Shaft diameter: 3
Handle length: 80
Handle diameter: 12
Hydrophone slide (optional)40, 80, 120, 160, 200 cm


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