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OndaSonics MCT-1200

The HCT hydrophone with MCT-1200 Digital Pressure Meter is a trustworthy instrument to characterise and monitor the relative acoustic properties of ultrasonic cleaning systems. Its unique single point sensing design allows localized measurements to generate true 3-dimensional acoustic maps of the cleaning tank.

Some other key features include:

  • Parameters: F0 and PTOT
  • Data logging
  • Self-Calibration to MCT-2000
  • Touchscreen
  • Real-time data transfer for continuous monitoring


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  • Acquire acoustic maps to optimize cleaning efficiency of ultrasonic baths
  • Routinely spot check acoustic field of cleaning tank for process control monitoring
  • Continuously monitor the acoustic output by integrating with a central PC
  • Compare tank-to-tank performance to maintain matching in production environments
  • Tune process recipes by characterizing the ultrasonic cleaner fully loaded with substrates
  • Identify cleaning tank issues such as debonded or malfunctioning transducers
  • Self-calibrate with an absolute reference meter to match test results​



Power requirmentsRechargeable battery, 5 VDC, 3A
Remote accessEthernet
Fundamental frequencyFO (kHz)
Total pressurePTOT (kPa or unitless)
Time averaging interval1 - 60 seconds
Dimensions W x H x D (mm)76 x 169 x 30


Specifications (HCT0-0320 probe)

Useful frequency range20 - 1200 kHz
Maximum operating temperature70 oC
Chemical compatibilitypH range 4 to 12 (Teflon)
CableLEMO connector with embedded hydrophone calibration file, 1.5 meter length
Dimensions (mm)Shaft length: 270
Shaft diameter: 3
Handle length: 80
Handle diameter: 12
Hydrophone slide (optional)40, 80, 120, 160, 200 cm


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