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FlexRax 4000

The FlexRax 4000 is a 19-inch wide, 2U, full-rack vacuum gauge controller capable of operating multiple vacuum gauges simultaneously. The type and number of gauges operated will depend on user specified option cards installed at the factory. This results in significant cost savings since the user can specify a FlexRax configuration to operate only the gauges required for the application. Furthermore, the user can easily install additional option cards in the field for future expansion of gauges to operate.

FlexRax can operate up to 10 vacuum gauges simultaneously as listed below:

  • Up to a total of four ionization gauges (IG) configurable for: A) Up to two classic size BA600 series Bayard-Alpert (B-A) glass or nude ionization gauges or other equivalent brands of glass/nude B-A IG, B) Up to two InstruTech® IGM400 Hot Cathode or two CCM500 cold cathode IG modules
  • Up to four CVG101 convection gauges (CG)
  • Up to two analog input signals from other devices such as capacitance diaphragm gauges (CDG) or InstruTech CVM201, CVM211, IGM401 and CCM501 gauge modules


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  • Measurement range from 2 x 10-11 to 1,000 Torr
  • Capable of operating up to 4 ionization and 4 convection gauges simultaneously as well as display pressures from up to 2 capacitance diaphragm gauges
  • Capable of providing up to 8 analog outputs, 16 setpoint relays and RS485 / RS232 interface
  • Windows® Embedded Compact operating system provides reliable and stable instrument operation (operating system updates is not required)

Additional Features

Easy to read LCD with backlighting provides sharp contrast with wide viewing angle. The instrument can be configured to display up to 6 gauges in a single screen or assign any number of gauges to various screens for auto-scrolling of display. The state of all setpoint relays and engineering units of measure will be displayed on the main screen. Filament operation including filament current, filament voltage, emission current and ion current can be displayed in real time to allow monitoring of filament condition. The system can be personalized by assigning specific names to individual gauges or use the factory default gauge symbols. Error messages will be displayed for all fault conditions.

High efficiency power supply design and effective thermal management techniques are used to enable operation of the FlexRax without the need for air movement devices such as troublesome fans often required in even single ionization gauge power supplies. Filament switching control from the FlexRax combined with capability to operate two conventional B-A ionization gauges simultaneously, offers the user low cost of ownership and unparalleled ease of use.​


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