Supporting the industry for almost 50 years

Aerospace is a high-technology industry focused on research, technology, and manufacturing of products related to flight, atmospheric and beyond. Although a relatively new industry, its scope in national defense, communications, and commercial air travel made the aerospace industry one of the defining enterprises of the 20th century, and it promises to be at least as important in the future.

Since our formation in 1973 we have been working with both innovators and market leading manufacturers to provide leading edge products and services to the Aerospace industry in both the private and public sectors.


Complete solutions and support from our expert team

Our wide range of products and services allow us to offer complete solutions to your problems. From vacuum processes to microcontamination control, our knowledgeable team is always available to assist with product selection and support.


Innovative products for an evolving industry

All our products are selected for their quality, reliability, and market leading performance. We always stay one step ahead of the game by bringing the latest innovations when you need them most.


Applications used within this industry


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