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 We design and develop every product making sure it delivers the highest possible performance. We do this with one goal in mind — that you, the consumer, have a positive experience on your first time out with an R/C model. Be it a radio controlled airplane, Helicopter, boat, dragster or any of our other great products. Our products come ready to run and ready to have fun. They perform the way you expect them to-right out of the box! The Joy of watching an R/C model airplane flying hundreds of feet over your head, with you in control, on a warm sunny day is a positive experience like no other. A "live-action" 3D experience!

The products in this extremely affordable series are aimed directly at individuals new to radio control and are designed to make entry into this exciting hobby a fun adventure, and a totally rewarding experience. Big Fun Series products feature the ultimate in simplicity of operation and come ready-to-run, or required only the simplest finally assembly procedures. Models in this series include: Mega Blimp combo, Cosmic Flyer, MegaChopper, Radio Rodent.

This series represents the next step in sophistication and technology. Products feature such advancements as:professional grade multi-channel radios, which are sometime transferable to other models; gyroscopic flight stabilization; the latest advanced battery technology and the highest performance electric drive systems and nitro engines possible. Products in this series include: Freedom Flyer, Nitro Airstrike, House-Fly, Dark Thunder Dragster

Designed with the intent to stimulate the creative mind. These products all have specific, built-in educational benefits. For example; the Wright Flyer, while being a fantastic flying, fully assembled, radio control model, also comes with a history booklet about Orville and Wilbur Wright containing a full account of the events and dates leading up to the historic first flights of the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903. Also, free-flight models in this line are designed to illustrate the basics of aerodynamics, why an airplane flies and experiements to perform.